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Hey this is Elizabeth Peterson (a.k.a. Lizzie)

Don't know what diabetes is? WELL FIND OUT FAST!!!

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       Hey y'all this is ware u kan get ur basic info on me. My name is Elizabeth Peterson and my birthday is on February 26, 1992 (so im like 11 5/8 now). I go to Bethany Christian Academy and i hav been dancing since first grade. I take ballet, tap, and jazz and my teachers (Mrs. Scott, Katie, Emily, and Mrs. Crofford) ROC! (GO NECPAC) I can't wait to go to Dance Revolution this year 'cause last year it was the best three days of my life! The web sites i like to go on are www.neopets.com, and aim.com (my aim sn iz sk8tergurl2575 but i wont b on 4 like a couple of weeks (its like 10/17/03 rite now)). All my bffs r great and i goin to six flags nxt week with jordan so i am like soooo syked. I hav diabetes and it sukz but if u dont know wat that is than FIND OUT BY YOURSELF!!! i dont want to waste tyme typing things i dont have to... SO DEAL! (im sry... am i sounding mean? well srry all of my fellow earthlings but i dont want to explain things to martians when i dont have to) Hek im BORED!!! pleez sign my gb (guest book) i like wanna know who's been to my site so like sign it already!!! my email iz doggie07@thepetersonsplace.com but DON'T SENT ME JUNK!!! Hey and the picture that is on the other web site was soooo long ago!!! and i look sooo much prettyer now yayayayaya

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