Boston Fourth of July Concert and Fireworks

[Flag flying over orchestra] [Firework exploding]
[The MDC Marching Band]
[Kids on the oval]

Charles River Esplanade
Boston, Massachusetts
Friday, July 4, 2003

Rather than bore you with hype, I'll get right into specifics:

Table of Contents

Security Changes (2002)

There were many security changes in 2002. While we don't know what the 2003 security changes will be, here is the list from 2002:

For more detailed and updated information, see the official event restrictions page, as well as the area map.

Fourth of July Events

This is a partial list of what is going on:

Special Tips for Visitors from Afar

There are a lot of other things to do and see in Boston. Here's a brief list of what I think are the must see/must do things:

Other Information

How To Get There

Take the MBTA to the Arlington Street Station (on the Green Line). Leave the station via the Arlington Street exit (not the Berkeley Street exit). When you reach street level, head north on the left side of Arlington Street, following everyone else. (The Arlington Street Church will be next to you on your left and the Public Garden will be across the street on your right as you walk up Arlington St).

Follow Arlington Street until it ends at Beacon St. Cross Beacon St, turn left, and walk one block to Berkeley St. (Previously you would use the Storrow Drive entrance opposite Arlington St, but it is now off-limits.) Turn right on Berkeley St and cross Storrow Drive.

From this point, you're on your own. Find some uncovered grass and set down your blanket, or find your friends who came earlier.

Things to Bring

Don't feel that you have to bring everything on this list, it is intended to give you an idea of the kinds of things that will be useful.

Food Related:

  • A cooler, containing:
    • Soda, fruit juice, or other liquid refreshment. Think about how much you will drink, and bring double that amount. On a hot day, you'll want it.
    • Sandwiches, subs, or other meal-type food. Don't bring anything that needs heating, there are no cooking facilities available. Make the sandwiches ahead of time.
    • Fruit, such as grapes, peaches, or apples.
    • Ice to keep the above stuff cool.
  • Snack foods, like chips, pretzels, cookies, or crackers. Keep dips or cheese in the cooler.
  • Paper plates, plasticware, and napkins.
[Kid under umbrella]

Clothing and Weather Protection:

[Playing chess]

Games and Entertainment:

  • Small, portable games or sports equipment. like frisbee, cards, or backgammon.
  • Paper and pencils for scoring card games.
  • Laptop with cellular modem. (Just kidding)
  • Books.
  • Camera.
  • Binoculars.


[The police]

Things to Not Bring

If you were thinking of bringing these things, please leave them at home.

Other Advice

Here are some tips that we've learned over the years, usually the hard way. Keep this word about leftover spaghetti in mind as you read this list: Those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it.[1]
[1] Thanks to Dan Swartzendruber for coming up with this punchline about a delayed spaghetti dinner.

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